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    50,001 - 100,000 lbs pullback

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Max Spindle Torque 10,000 ft-lb @ 80 RPM 13,560 Nm @ 80 RPM
Type Firestick II
Pullback 55,000 lbs 24,948 kg
Diameter 3.875" 10 cm
Max Spindle Speed 80/106/160 RPM
Length 15' 4.6 m
Pump Pressure 900 psi 62.05 bar
Min Bore Diameter 5" 13 cm
Joint Diameter 3.5" 8.9 cm
Max Pressure 900 PSI 62.05 bar
Pump Output 150 gpm
Thrust 43500 lbs 19731.27 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 gal 227.12 L
Width 93" 236 cm
Drill Stem 15' 4.57 m
Entry Angle 26-37%
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 60 gal 227.12 L
Height 121" 307 cm
Rod Carrying Capacity 360'
Make and Model John Deere
Pipe Diameter 3.5" 8.9 cm
Weight 36500 lbs 16556.12 kg
Torque 10,000 ft-lb
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating 185 HP 137.95 kw
Weight 230 lbs 104 kg
Rated Engine RPM 2400 rpm
Min Bend Radius 168.7' 51.42 m
Vacuum Flow 150 gpm 567.81 lpm
Length 358" 909 cm
Rod Loader Automated
Max Carriage Speed 136 ft/min 41.5 m/min
Max Flow 150 GPM 567.81 L/Min
Engine John Deere

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The D55x100 with rack-and-pinion drive system provides high performance on a range of mid- to large-sized projects. Featuring 10,000 ft-lb (13,588 Nm) of rotational torque and 55,000 lbs. (24,948 kg) of pullback, the self-contained D55x100 brings big power to the job site in a package smaller than many other drills in its class.

Vermeer Manufacturing Company has introduced the D55x100 Navigator horizontal directional drilling machine to its full line of HDD systems. The D55x100 is among the largest Vermeer Navigator drill rigs, capable of drilling through certain kinds of rock and other hard organic material, and powerful enough to handle larger-diameter pipe and longer distance applications such as sewer projects and river bed crossings.

The D55x100 is capable of delivering 10,000 ft-lbs (13,558 Nm) of torque, and 55,000 lbs (24,948 kg) of pullback. This powerful combination allows for drilling in more adverse ground conditions and provides sufficient pullback for longer, heavier product. The D55x100 HDD is engineered to provide high mud flow with a 150 (568 L/min) on-board pump for increased backreaming efficiency and powering downhole mud motors.

Another key feature of the new Navigator HDD is the state-of-the-art operator's station designed to help the operator remain comfortable during longer bores. The unique station is elevated with an electrically-operated swivel and tilt control seat. There are toggle switches with breakout system, fluid pump, radio, and throttle switches integrated into thrust and rotation levers. Drilling pressure gauges, a flow meter, and a drilling fluid pump monitoring system are all strategically located between the operator and the bore path. The D55x100's rack and pinion design provides smooth operation, and helps to maintain a narrow rack profile. The rack is sectionalized and bolts on for easy maintenance.

The D55x100 Navigator HDD carries the quality and dependability of patented Firestick II drill stem in 15-foot (4.5 m) sections. Firestick II drill stem joints are designed to withstand high torque and to allow high drilling flow. Designed to withstand the rigors of horizontal directional drilling, a minimum bend radius of 168.7 ft (51.4 m) renders shorter setback distance requirements and excellent steering capabilities. Adjustable speed controls for thrust, pullback, and rotation allow the operator to dial in different control inputs without the need for constant feathering of the controls.

The patent-pending Rockfire Ready System is a standard feature which allows operation of the patent-pending Rockfire pneumatic rock drilling system. The Rockfire Ready System is also beneficial in everyday drilling providing such features as a built-in pump bypass, adjustable thrust control, and reverse rotation pressure limiter.

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