About US

HDD Broker LLC is a brokerage firm that advertises and sells rigs for private owners, banks, and equipment dealers worldwide. We are one of the industry's leading suppliers of used and repossessed equipment.

Our comprehensive website includes hundreds of pieces of used equipment, including horizontal directional drills, mud mixing systems, recycling systems, pumps, ploughs, trenchers, trucks, trailers, tooling, construction equipment, and much more. All major manufacturers can be found.

Our vast selection of used equipment in combination with our directed, innovative marketing ensures our company remains in the forefront of the used equipment market.

HDD Broker has extensive experience with HDD Equipment valuations and appraisals. We have years of data that we use to compile up to date and current market evaluations for any piece of used equipment. We are regularly called on by banks, financing companies, dealers and end-users to provide equipment appraisals. This can be done verbally over the phone in a matter of minutes, and if required it can also be supplied in a written estimate format typically within 24 to 48 hours.

HDD Broker has locations in Victoria, BC, Canada and in Naples, Florida, USA. Our listings are located all over the world, and are not inventoried at our locations.

WHY CHOOSE HDD BROKER? It's The Broker Advantage:

  • An extensive selection of equipment.
  • Best buys in the industry.
  • Unbiased advice.
  • Personalised assistance whenever needed.
  • Selection: Dealers are authorised to sell only the products of the companies they work for. A broker, on the other hand, has access to the inventory of individuals, banks, wholesalers, and equipment dealers worldwide. That means that you can choose from hundreds of pieces of equipment rather than just the handful available at your local dealership. We can tailor-make a package that is exactly right for you!

  • Pricing: More selection means more value! Tell us what you want to pay and we'll use our extensive resources to find the equipment that fits your budget.

    Selling your equipment and don't know what to ask? Our HDD experts will be happy to give you an up-to-the minute fair market assessment.

  • Service: Our HDD experts are dedicated to customer service excellence! Our job is to make both the buying and selling experience as easy as possible for all parties involved. We handle all aspects of the transaction from beginning to end including: advertising the equipment, locating a buyer, financing (OAC), negotiating a fair price, closing the deal, arranging delivery, title transfers, and collecting and transferring the funds. Let us do the legwork!

A brokerage service also has the advantage of total impartiality. Our advice is completely unbiased. We work for you!

Listing your equipment? Listings are always FREE! We are the most popular website in the industry, so your equipment will get extensive, worldwide exposure. Click here for more information on listing your equipment.

Hassle-free buying and selling - that's our promise to you!

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